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Automated Print and Mail Postcards

If you want to deliver an immediate message, postcards are a great choice. They are simple and easy to read, and recipients don’t have to open an envelope to read them. This results in a 100% open rate. Not only are postcards easy to deliver, but they can be customized for each recipient. For maximum impact, consider automating your mailings with an automated postcard software. You can then set up your campaigns to send postcards to targeted audiences.


Direct mail automation

When your print and mail postcards need to be sent out on a regular basis, automated direct mailing can help. Automated direct mail takes care of the admin work so that you can focus on the high level improvements and more. However, you need to consider the features offered by the platform and how it can help you improve your response rates. This article will discuss some of the benefits of automated direct mail. It will also help you to determine which features are most valuable to your business and how they can be used to boost your response rates.

One of the key benefits of direct mail automation is that it can be used as part of an account-based marketing strategy. You can use the technology to send special gifts after events and engage with existing customers. You can also use automated direct mail for other purposes, such as informing customers of new products and promotions. There are also HR use cases of automated direct mail, and innovative companies are testing these platforms to improve employee engagement and experience.


Whether you manually address your mailings and drop them off at your local post office or use automated mail distribution, postcards are an affordable and effective way to communicate with your customers. With automated print and mail solutions, you can reduce your mailing costs while still ensuring the quality of your materials. Automated mail solutions also allow you to manage your campaigns more efficiently. You’ll be able to send more postcards in the same amount of time, resulting in more sales and increased profit margins.

The cost-effectiveness of automated printing and mailing postcard is often influenced by the number of pieces you mail and the size of each piece. If you mail a single postcard to a single address, you’ll pay more at the post office, as non-standard postcard sizes can jam the sorting machines and require manual labor. Standard postcard shapes are four by six inches. For these reasons, printing postcards on both sides of your envelopes is a good idea.


A powerful marketing tool, postcards are an excellent way to introduce new products and sales. They can also serve as reminders and coupons. Customizable postcards from automated print and mail solutions provide many options. Postalytics, for example, offers free postcard templates that you can customize and send to customers. Other options include buying postcards from vendors on Etsy. If you’d rather design your own postcard, there are many great online options for postcard creation.

One of the most important tips for automated print and mail postcards is to make sure that they’re measurable. This means that you can track the response rate of each postcard to see which ones are generating the best results. The best way to achieve this is to test a variety of postcard elements. Split-testing, meanwhile, is a great way to determine what works. Inkit, for example, offers split-testing tools for creating effective postcard templates.

Triggered drip campaigns

Email marketing is an effective method of building an audience for a business, but it is only effective if you send emails to people who have recently expressed interest in your product. There are some mistakes that you should avoid when creating drip campaigns. Make sure that each email is related to a certain trigger. People need to know why they are getting emails from you, and you should keep these mistakes in mind.

When sending postcards to customers, a triggered drip campaign can have different conditions. When a person purchases a product online, a trigger campaign may remind them of it, and send them a brochure containing coupons. For example, a trigger-based campaign may send a reminder to that person that they left a product in their cart. When they purchase that item, they may receive a mail piece with a coupon for a free product.

Integration with digital campaigns

Personalized, dynamically rendered print assets can be triggered by any number of marketing tools, including CRM software. Many popular automation tools such as Salesforce, Marketing Sherpa, and HubSpot can be synchronized with Banjo’s print automation tool. With this integration, you can send automated postcards to fill the funnel and customize packages for loyal customers. Banjo also allows you to manage the entire mailing process through its Campaign Dashboard.

Automation makes mailing postcards easy and affordable. With postage rates as low as a few cents per postcard, you can use automation to automate the process. Postcards can be scheduled for distribution and can also be integrated with email marketing or digital campaigns. They can also be installed within marketing automation platforms for a more streamlined approach. Whether you’re trying to increase sales, increase customer retention, or increase brand awareness, postcards are a great tool to add to your marketing strategy.